Don't expect impaired driving to stop any time soon!

Alberta provincial court judge pleads guilty to impaired driving - Edmonton - CBC News

If the message isn't getting through to judges, what can you expect from us lesser peons? The sentence is a sham.
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You're not going to stop it until you get serious about it. Booze is tax revenues that pay for the courts that lawyers build their mines in
31-year-old Stoney Creek man killed in Kitchener crash

31-year-old Stoney Creek resident Ryan Bandurka is dead, after the SUV he was riding in crossed the centre line of Manitou Drive in Kitchener and struck a taxi.
He was the passenger of the vehicle, and 21-year-old Tiane Scott was the driver. She has been charged with impaired driving causing death and dangerous driving causing death.
“We know that speed and alcohol are definitely factors in this collision. Charges are pending against the driver of the black SUV,” said Waterloo Regional Police Sergeant Stu Church earlier in the day.

Section of Manitou Dr. near Bleams Rd. closed while police investigate fatal collision. Sunday, June 29. (Marc Venema / CTV Kitchener)

The crash happened around 3 a.m. Sunday morning.
Police say the taxi driver suffered minor injuries, and say there were no passengers in the cab at the time of the crash.
A section of Manitou Drive near Bleams Road was closed this morning as police investigated, but has since been reopened.
Tiane Scott is scheduled to appear in court on July, 11th

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This has been nagging at me all day. This morning they reported on the accident and death of the passenger. Later this afternoon they reported that they were co-workers at a new restaurant which just opened a few months ago called Mothers, a restaurant many of you may remember from years back.

The staff are devastated naturally.

This young girl, 21 worked two jobs and went to school. I don't know how one copes with killing your co-worker, he was in the back of the SUV and had no seat belt.

I just keep thinking how his five year old is without a dad, his wife without her partner and a young girl is living in hell and will continue to life in hell for the rest of her life.

All because she drank and drove and broke the speed limit. Totally preventable.

It is tragic how fast one's world can change from amazing to disastrous in a heartbeat.
Here In British Columbia, you can get major civil suspensions and fines without even being legally impaired. With no ability to protect yourself with a lawyer.

Quite a good little revenue maker for the government..

I still don't believe, it protects the citizens from true drunk drivers who usually blow way over .08.
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So long as there are drivers there will be impaired drivers. I agree the sentence was BS. Way too lenient particularly for a Judge.
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So long as there are drivers there will be impaired drivers. I agree the sentence was BS. Way too lenient particularly for a Judge.

Yeah, I think judges should get three times the penalty of normal forks. For one they know the law and for two they are supposed to set a good example.
I have heard the term, held to a higher standard used by law enforcement officials , judges and even politicians many times.

But they always seem to get let off lightly using the , only human hero clause.
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