Islamic extremist group Boko Haram killin' more innocent people

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Nigeria explosion at Abuja shopping mall kills 21, wounds 17

Nigerians are immediately blaming the Islamic extremist group Boko Haram after an explosion killed 21 people at a shopping mall in the capital, Abuja on Wednesday.

The blast came as many Nigerians were preparing to watch their country's Super Eagles play Argentina at the World Cup in Brazil. Many shops at the mall have TV screens but it was unclear if the explosion was timed to coincide with the match, which started an hour later.

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Nigeria explosion at Abuja shopping mall kills 21, wounds 17 - World - CBC News
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I wonder when Boko Haram will decide to visit Washington, DC?
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I wonder when Boko Haram will decide to visit Washington, DC?

I think somebody spiked the water in that region... everyone is embolden and going bananas...
They did not attack everyone in Ngamdu, they just selected some top business merchants there and slaughtered them in the early hours of today (Monday, October 6, 2014). We have also heard that they were attacking Mobbar village today also, but we have no knowledge of the casualty figures yet, even though those that managed to escape said it was a massive attack”, stated a top ranking member of the vigilante group of Nigeria, Chief Abba Gava who went on to reveal that the Jihadist group had beheaded seven prominent businessmen in the village of Ngamdu in Borno. The beheadings were said to resemble a targeted attack on the seven businessmen.

The tribal affiliation of the business men were not readily available.

Another security source from Maiduguri who spoke to indicated that the gunmen had also attacked Mobbar village on the same Monday – where unknown number of villagers were believed murdered. The attack was carried out at 4am.

Interestingly, the Jihadist group operation occurred just 100km away from Maiduguri and 35 km from the neighboring Yobe state capital Damaturu. Ngamdu is also a border town of Borno near a village in Yobe state called Kukareta, where a recently established military formation is located.

The latest attack by the Jihadist group comes after the Nigerian security forces had scored some major military victories over the Jihadist group. The Monday morning attack comes as another embarrassment to the Nigerian security unit stationed in the northern regions of Nigeria where the activities of Boko Haram have been more concentrated. Many of the top security officers have become unsettled with the strategy employed by the Nigerian defense headquarters in the war against Boko Haram.

According to a senior security officer, “We are really very sad that up till now, our commanders are not seeing it as very necessary to change from waiting to be attacked and resort to taking the battle to where ever the Boko Haram elements are”, said the top security source. It is unacceptable to hear that the Boko Haram terrorists could move freely from one point to the other; where our troops are transfixed in one spot waiting to repel them, while other parts of the states are being attacked at the same time. We just have to wake up and do the needful”.

It is recalled that on Friday morning that the security officials in Yobe banned all movement in compliance with the military order that the whole of Yobe should be locked down from 10pm of Thursday, 2nd October, to wade off possible attacks being planned by the Boko Haram terrorists during the Sallah period.

Boko Haram Beheads 7 Prominent Businessmen in Renewed Attack (external - login to view)

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