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She got them all out, one at a time, after the rescue team could not fit into the loophole

A heroic stray dog has saved her puppies from a drainage canal after rescue teams asked for her help in the southwestern Turkish province of Muğla on June 7.

Erhan Erol, a resident, called firefighters as he noticed eight puppies that were stuck in a drainage canal at the Kumbahçe beach near the touristic town of Bodrum. The puppies were about to be drowned as the canal was slowly filling with seawater.

After seeing that the mother dog was suckling another puppy under a balcony of a nearby building, a firefighter whistled to call her to rescue the others in the hole.

As the mission was accomplished under one hour, one resident said “this is what motherhood is.” (external - login to view)

More pix at the link.

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