Drunk douchebag awaits his a n a l probing

What happens when you are disorderly on the train? They kick you off in the middle of goddamn nowhere of course (external - login to view)

Sheriff’s deputies arrested an Amtrak train passenger on Wednesday after the man, said to be intoxicated, became “loud, abusive and argumentative with other passengers,” a Santa Fe County Sheriff’s Office report said.

David Houghtaling, 41, of Lapeer, Mich., was escorted off the train in Lamy by train staff, said the report. “Subject refused to calm down and was ultimately arrested, taken to jail and charged accordingly,” said the report.

Houghtaling was booked on a $3,500 cash/surety bond on charges of disorderly conduct, assault, and resisting – evading an officer, jail records show.

Amtrak passenger arrested in Lamy | Albuquerque Journal News (external - login to view)
Here in BC, our moms beat up idiots like that...

Fight erupts after woman threatens to kill mom, 3 kids on B.C. bus - British Columbia - CBC News

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