Rebirth of Americas Dead Factories

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Article about how some plants are reopening and even bringing jobs back to the US.

Rebirth of America's dead factories - CNNMoney (external - login to view)

Some things will never come back, but IMO there is a market for higher priced goods where quality matters. I personally attest to it. I had been shopping for a couple of years for a good quality bass guitar. 90% of everything made is from Indonesia, Mexico or China. Most priced between $150-$1000. My original budget was to go to about $1000. I ended up spending $2600. Albeit Japanese made but Japanese is damn good quality, and buying from them is pretty much buying from America. Most really good quality American made stuff is in the $4000+ range but worth every penny. If not for the Japanese version available I would gladly have paid $4000 for a great American instrument rather than $1000 for a piece of junk.

My point is, cheap isn't the only consideration in some products/industries. I for one got tired of settling for cheap trash and paid some moolah for a product where quality trumps cost cutting.

Am I the only one who has had enough of the garbage coming out of Mexico, China and other Far East sweatshop centers?

P.S. I had planned to buy an American product for $2000. Actually ordered one. A real good one but the waiting list for the build was 18 months. I didn't want to wait that long. But it shows how quality is in demand.
Interesting. While I didn't go through the entire piece (slide shows can become monotonous) it was interesting that not all these manufacturing plants were being used for manufacturing or only in part for manufacturing. But I still think it's a valid point about quality. I think there is room in North America for manufacturing to make a comeback but it won't be the same mega-mass manufacturing that we've seen before. But there are likely some niche markets where demand is high enough and 'built to order' is insufficient yet the massive demand, that tends to drive manufacturing over seas to reduce costs, might not be high enough to do that.

I think we'll see entrepreneurs developing the more niche market opportunities.
I am tired of t-shirts that I can blow throw...I wish we could make some decent clothes here in Canada that weren't made to last 50 years but maybe not fall apart or shrink to infant sized the second time they get washed...

I can't believe the c rap they sell for the price it's insulting.
56,000 factories were offshored under the wonderful plans of free trade and NAFTA, wake the hell up CNN is full of dung, we are looking at decades to build up manufacturing to where it was twenty-five years ago. First before any rebuilding starts comes continental war and widespread economic depression, populations will be consumed by the hundred thousand at a click. Agenda 21 is already working to ensure a much better world for the wealthy survivors. If we want to survive this through this decade we must start growing food finding fuel and building mud huts cuz they aint no jobs and they aint no money and the rich would rather we just withered away.
jobs jobs jobs - just in case anyone forgets what lyin Brian promised.

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