Guilty employees should be canned!

Air Canada suspends workers after luggage-drop video surfaces - Toronto - CBC News

Once it's ascertained beyond a shadow of a doubt, the guilty employee(s) should be fired immediately. It's high time a message was sent to people who have no respect for others' property. The syndrome is running rampant!
If the passengers can't get on a plane and off a plane all by themselves they should be on a bus as they seem to have no problems getting from point 'A' to point 'B', nor have any not gotten to the next waypoint. (war does exist so I know such incidents do happen, have a plane where each seat is a toilet and pump in some gas that puts cats out, release on landing)
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I just read that they will be. After that video, there is no way they could keep him/them on.
Now to get cameras into FedEx to show how your precious heirloom from great granny manages to break amidst the 5lb of bubble wrap when shipped to your kid.

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