‘Your version is a lie’: Oscar Pistorius prosecutor attacks athlete’s credibility in

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Comments like that are NOT "cross examination". They are opinions.
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The guy admits he opened fire through a door without seeing any threat.

That alone, aside from any other BS he spouts, makes him guilty of criminal negligence causing death.

Besides that, IMHO, he murdered her.........
He is credible as remorseful, but many people are remorseful after doing something they regret.

His story is extremely suspect.
The trial is being broadcast live on BBC News 24 and Sky News here.

Yesterday morning Pistorious was adamant that he didn't intentionally fire the gun that went off in his possession in a crowded restaurant, even though the prosecutor proved to him that it was impossible for that gun to go off accidentally.

I also learned on Sky News that Reeva Steenkamp's mum comes from Blackburn, just ten miles from Bolton, where I live.
The tears he has shed are ones of the crocodile variety.

I believe he is a murderer, and I hope that he is found guilty of that as well.
Pistorious was ruled to be not guilt of premeditated murder though another charge is still pending. It will be interesting to see what happens next ...
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