Edmonton teacher allegedly blocked from kicking out student who called her a ‘Mexican

Edmonton teacher allegedly blocked from kicking out student who called her a ‘Mexican s—,’ files human rights complaint | National Post

EDMONTON — A teacher at an Edmonton francophone Catholic school alleges she endured 2-1/2 years of harassment from a female student, including a false sexual assault accusation, but was denied her request to have the student removed from her classroom.

Vienna Malko-Monterrosa received profane messages in emails, on Facebook and threatening notes such as “You can’t run away from me” from a student at Ecole Maurice-Lavallee in Bonnie Doon, a human rights hearing was told Monday.

“What’s up sexy mama, let’s have sex,“ said another message entered as evidence at the Alberta Human Rights Commission hearing.

Malko-Monterrosa, who was born and raised in Edmonton, argues she was treated differently from other teachers working in the francophone school system because of her Mexican ancestry. She filed a discrimination complaint with the commission against the francophone board Conseil scolaire Centre-Nord.

On April 14, 2009, Malko-Monterrosa received what she called a “hate letter” in which the student called her various demeaning names, including an “illegal immigrant,” “a ****” and “bully” and “a piece of Mexican s — t.”

In an earlier letter of apology, the student says: “After all you did for me, I had to go out and do things to you, I feel so stupid, I’m sorry,” says the letter.

Under questioning, Malko-Monterrosa said she had a positive rapport with students in her classes. She did not accept students as Facebook friends, she added.

The hearing continues Tuesday.
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