The most Canadian police chase ever?

Mounties bum ride on snowmobile to chase stolen John Deere tractor

Alberta Mounties had to bum a ride with a snowmobiler to chase a stolen tractor through snowy fields east of Red Deer.

Blackfalds RCMP got a call about a break and enter at a rural address where firearms and other items were stolen, and then got another call about a stolen John Deere 6400 tractor with a front-end bucket being driven away across the fields.

Police gave chase after stopping a snowmobiler and being offered a ride, following the tractor as it crashed through farmersí fences and stands of trees.

Finally, the driver at the wheel of the stolen farm implement, while trying to evade police, stalled it while trying to go up a hill.

When he tried to back up, he lost control and rolled the tractor.

The driver was not injured but was taken into custody.

Police say they found the stolen firearms in the cab of the tractor, which sustained extensive damage.

Jesse Cecka, 25, of no fixed address, has been charged with break, enter and theft over $5,000, along with other charges.

The most Canadian police chase ever: Alberta Mounties bum ride on snowmobile to chase stolen John Deere tractor | National Post
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