How Blogs Changed Everything

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"When a dozen dead tree newspapers determined the agenda, the media's chief power lay in not reporting a story (external - login to view)..."

It’s a bit of a shock to realise that this blog has now been going for seven years. In the dog-year world of blogging, that makes it almost geriatric. A few are more venerable yet, standing like oaks among the crocuses: Guido, Cranmer, ConHome. But this is a frantic and ephemeral business, and it’s an unusual blog that lasts more than twelve months.

Back in the pioneering days, blogs were seen as a challenge to the established media. And, in one sense, they were. When Guido scalped his first minister, Peter Hain, in 2008, something changed, though the newspapers were slow to notice. When, the following year, he aimed his tomahawk at Derek Draper and Damien McBride, old-style pundits were still laboriously explaining to their readers what these blog thinggies were. By the time Tim Yeo became Guido’s latest victim, no one needed to ask any more.

When a dozen dead tree newspapers determined the agenda, the media’s chief power lay in not reporting a story – not through conspiracy, but from shared assumptions about what constituted news.


Blogs changed everything – if not in the way we expected – Telegraph Blogs (external - login to view)
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What's a blog?

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What's a blog?



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