For more than 90 years, the Peace Cross has stood in Maryland's Prince Georges County to honor the lives of 49 local soldiers who died in the First World War. Enter atheists (external - login to view)

BLADENSBURG, Md. - The American Humanist Association and several individual plaintiffs have filed a lawsuit asking that a regional park authority cease displaying the Peace Cross in Bladensburg, Md.

The suit claims "the massive Christian cross" is an unconstitutional endorsement of a particular religion by government. While the Maryland National Capital Area Park and Planning Commission has not yet directly responded to the lawsuit, a spokeswoman maintains the structure is a war memorial, not a religious monument.

For nearly 90 years, the concrete and stone Peace Cross has stood at a busy crossroads in Bladensburg. On a metal plaque at its base are inscribed the names of the 49 men from Prince George's County who lost their lives in service to their country in (what was then known as) The Great War -- World War I.

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Humanists sue to move Peace Cross - DC News FOX 5 DC WTTG (external - login to view)