Flanagan thinks Harper is a predator.

A guy that seems to think that viewing child porn is Ok also thinks the PM is a predator, helps explain why our political system is so ****ed up.

Tom Flanagan, Former Harper Adviser, Opens Up About Prime Minister (external - login to view)


"Stephen is a predator," he told Stone. "It's whoever is in his sights."

In a revealing interview, Flanagan discussed everything from his fallout with Preston Manning to Jason Kenney's rumoured leadership aspirations. He even expressed concern about how Harper has surrounded himself with long-time loyalists since the Senate expense scandal blew up.

But perhaps the most intriguing moment was when he said that while it may be "possible" the prime minister didn't know about the infamous $90,000 cheque Nigel Wright cut to Senator Mike Duffy, he finds it "hard to believe" Harper wouldn't know of earlier attempts to transfer money from the party to Duffy.

Harper is not a predator,


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