Drummer in Stephen Harper's band charged with sex assault

Ottawa police have charged a 43-year-old public school teacher and the drummer in Prime Minister Stephen Harper's band with sexual assault.

Police say Phillip I. Nolan has been charged with five counts each of sexual assault, sexual interference and sexual exploitation in connection with alleged incidents while Nolan was teaching at a school in the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board.

None of the allegations has been proven in court.

The Prime Minister's Office confirmed Thursday that Nolan is the drummer in Harper's band, Herringbone, and Harper has known Nolan for a "number of years."

"We are obviously shocked and disturbed by these charges," Harper's office said in a statement, adding they won't comment further since the issue is before the courts.

Neither Harper nor his office heard of any concerns regarding Nolan in the past, the PMO added


Drummer in Stephen Harper's band charged with sex assault - News - MSN CA (external - login to view)
lone wolf
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You can't tell by looking at a person what garbage lives in the heart....
Wait till the goods are delivered on Steve.
@ wolf: Nope.

In fact, my grade 8 gym teacher on the base (also taught other classes I'm sure) is on trial in Ottawa as well for sex charges dating back to 1968, 2 years before I got there. Seemed to me just your basic teacher but a bit of an asshoal. Maybe I wasn't his type though either.

The abused lad (he's 58 now) who is in court is one of several who were posting on a brat site about this Mike Slater dude and the weird vibe he gave the kids.

Ya never know.

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