Military Convoys Get Smart

Military Convoys Get Smart

Army and Marine convoys in the field will be equipped with artificial intelligence for military purposes. The Autonomous Mobility Appliqué System, otherwise known as AMAS, is a project for the armed forces of the United States to employ driverless convoys, as CNET reported. The project, contracted by Lockheed Martin, has finished with its advanced testing, the company announced Thursday.

The vehicles were challenged with a number of complex navigational tasks in both urban and rural environments. They had to make decisions regarding pedestrians and traffic in these environments with minimal error in order to be suitable for military purposes.

These vehicles are retro-fitted with new technology such as advanced sensors, GPS units and the algorithms that make the intelligent systems functional for military purposes. The military seeks to employ more “smart” technology in its assets. They have been busy contracting with companies and developing technology for various big ticket items including planes.

According to Defense Systems, the Lockheed contract to develop AMAS was dotted for $11 million in 2012. Using complex hardware and software kits, any military vehicle can be transformed into an autonomous one. The testing took place in Fort Hood and demonstrated the ability of the systems to negotiate logical decisions in its driving.

Robotic systems are being used more by the military. It was a major transition in the operations of the military when they began using drones, but the technology is advancing beyond even that. The Pentagon outlined a 25-year plan to create fleets of unmanned air, water and ground vehicles for the military.

source: Military Convoys Will Be Able To Drive Themselves Without Assistance (external - login to view)
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So they will drive up to a pedestrian holding a anti tank rocket thingy at a crosswalk and stop so buddy can get a perfect shot in.
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So they will drive up to a pedestrian holding a anti tank rocket thingy at a crosswalk and stop so buddy can get a perfect shot in.

LOL or call in Air Support..


Next they will replace the soldiers with robots..
Ron in Regina
I wonder how long 'till some bright 12yr old is hacking into these, and using
them as his own personal play-toys much like a driver simulator or GTA V?

...but using real vehicles controled from the PC in Mom's basement?
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lone wolf
I wonder if there's an application that can eliminate impatient drivers from NA highways

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I don't like the idea of Uncle Sam having access to weapons of any sort. Uncle Sam shouldn't be able to protect himself from people like me.
lone wolf
...sorta sounds like eSPECIALly from people like you....

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