Couple found dead in Gatineau residence
By Chris Hofley ,Ottawa Sun First posted: Monday, January 06, 2014 02:25 PM EST | Updated: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 07:21 AM EST

Gatineau police are at a house in the Aylmer sector where reports say two bodies have been discovered.
Few details are immediately available, but rescue services were called to 158 Terrasse Eardley St., on Monday. When they arrived, neighbours say, the bodies of two residents were found inside.
Two people were found dead in an Aylmer home on Monday in what could be Gatineau’s first murders of the year.
Various sources have identified the victims as Amanda Trottier and Travis Votour, but Gatineau Police would not confirm their identities late Monday. A Facebook profile says Trottier was from Aylmer while Votour was originally from Maniwaki.
Neighbours told the Sun a little girl of about three was in the home at 158 Eardley Terrace when police arrived at the scene shortly after 12:50 p.m. She was unhurt and taken to safety by family members.
There has been speculation that Trottier and Votour may have been the victim of a targeted killing, although police refused to comment on a possible motive. So far, all police will say is that the deaths are considered "suspicious".
Investigators could be seen searching the area around the home, including a parking lot next door which was also cordoned off by police tape.
It was reportedly Trottier’s father who found the bodies when he arrived at the home on Monday.
On her Facebook page, Trottier’s mother Victoria Lebrasseur made a gut-wrenching post shortly after the bodies were found.
“My daughter Amanda is dead,” she wrote. “They killed Amanda and Travis please god help me gonna have a heart attack.”
After friends asked her what was going on, she posted again: “We found her upstairs it's full of blood,” she wrote. “My baby is gone.”
A family member reached Monday evening declined to speak to the Sun.
In a release Tuesday morning, Gatineau cops said investigators will return to the home this morning. Cops interviewed "dozens of people" on Monday, including neighbours and family members.
Neighbour Gerrard Salois, who has lived in the area for 35 years, said he’s seen signs of trouble at the house.
“It’s a quiet area, except for that house,” he said, adding there were often people “coming and going” from the home.
Salois said he saw a woman, believed to be the toddler’s grandmother, take the child away from the scene. Police would not confirm that a child was home at the time of the deaths.
According to Salois, police responded to the home in late November or early December and took a man and woman into custody. It is not known if they are the same people involved in this incident.
Another neighbour who didn’t want his name used also said there was something sketchy about the house. He said the couple had lived there “for about a year.”
Autopsies will be conducted on the bodies Tuesday or Wednesday in Montreal to determine the cause of death.
Anyone with information is asked to contact Gatineau Police at 819-243-2346, ext. 6677.
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Gatineau deaths linked to 'damned drugs': grandfather


First posted: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 05:23 PM EST | Updated: Tuesday, January 07, 2014 05:38 PM EST
A couple killed in their home near Ottawa on Monday were likely murdered over a drug debt, says a grieving relative.
Ghislain Kerney, grandfather of victim Amanda Trottier, also confirms that Trottier’s three-year-old daughter was in the house when Trottier and her boyfriend Travis Votour were killed.
He says it was his son who found the bodies in the Aylmer district of Gatineau, Que.
“Amanda texts her father every morning, she didn’t (Monday),” Kerney told QMI Agency’s sister news channel, LCN, on Tuesday.
“He waited until about noon or 1 o’clock and he went to the house. He opened the door and his daughter was on the floor. He screamed and his granddaughter Savannah didn’t answer. She was upstairs playing.”
The father then called 911.
Kerney says the couple had drug problems that could have landed them in their dealers’ bad books.
“Apparently they had received threats at their home a month before,” said Kerney. “It could be a settling of accounts, that’s for sure.”
Kerney recalls that his granddaughter visited him nearly every day with Savannah. Votour had been dating Trottier for several years but was not Savannah’s father and was unemployed, says Kerney.
“Travis wasn’t doing anything, he was on welfare,” said Kerney, who added that little Savannah was caught in the middle of a dangerous lifestyle.
“It’s very sad. Savannah was alone with her mother. We don’t know what was going on with the girl. She’s three years old and doesn’t talk much. The damned drugs!”
Gatineau police have set up a command post and they have already met a dozen neighbours and relatives of the dead couple.
Autopsies were to be performed on the bodies on Tuesday in Montreal.
Anyone with information can contact investigators at (819) 243-2346 ext. 6677.
Gatineau police continue to investigate a house at 158 Terrasse Eardley in Alymer, Que., on Tuesday January 7, 2014, where Amanda Trottier and Travis Votour were found dead Monday. Darren Brown/Ottawa Sun

Gatineau deaths linked to 'damned drugs': grandfather | Ontario | News | Toronto Sun (external - login to view)