Baby is born on packed rush-hour train

A baby was born on a packed rush-hour train yesterday.

Phoebe Stanley decided to enter the world last night on the 18:18 London Victoria to Maidstone East service at West Malling in Kent at 19:30.

The baby's parents Allan Stanley, 21, and Sonia Banks, 22, had been to hospital less than an hour before - after Sonia's waters had broken at home around 1pm - but had been told to go home because their baby was 'not going to be born for a long while'.

Allan and Sonia were with his mum Mari-Anne Stanley, 40, heading to her home in Cuxton, Kent, when the baby arrived - delivered on the train floor by an off-duty midwife.

Anger from passengers desperate to get home soon turned to unbridled enthusiasm when they realised this little girl had been brought into the world.

The polite commuters left the carriage to give the mother some dignity during the labour and 'cheered and clapped' when Phoebe was born.

L Gilbert
Yep. When it's time, it's time. They don't learn patience till a bit later in life. They don't tend to pay much attention to doctors, nurses, parents, etc. for a while after either.

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