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For the second time this month, a man is killed by being pushed in front of a subway train. Time to ban subway trains (external - login to view)

A mumbling woman pushed a man to his death in front of a New York subway train. Although this is the second such death in December, an MTA spokesman says these are rare events

NEW YORK (AP) — The man who was shoved to his death in front of a subway train Thursday night was a 46-year-old from India who lived in New York City and worked for a printing business, police said.

Investigators on Friday searched for an unidentified woman who rose from a bench and suddenly pushed the man from behind, sending him flying onto the tracks as a train entered a station in Queens.


Police: NYC subway push victim was from India (external - login to view)
L Gilbert
Ban subway trains!
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Nooooooooooo you can't ban subway trains, that's ridiculous. Just ban women FROM the subway cars. Oh wait, that bans me.
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Ban subway trains!

That's not the answer. Everyone should have their own subway train because the only way to defend against a bad subway train is to have a good subway train.
Woman charged with murder as a hate crime in death of man shoved in front of New York subway - The Globe and Mail

Prosecutors say a woman accused of pushing an immigrant from India to his death in front of a New York subway train has been charged with murder as a hate crime.

Police arrested Erica Menendez on Saturday after a passer-by on a street noticed she resembled the woman seen in a surveillance video.

The district attorney for the New York City borough of Queens said the suspect, Erika Menendez, 31, who was seen muttering to herself before the attack, had admitted to investigators that she pushed the victim, Sunando Sen, 46, on Thursday because I hate Hindus and Muslims.
when pusher comes to shover.
Well at least she was honest about her feelings. God what is the world coming too.
Now there is a second one and the cops have to start all over again looking for who
did this one.
If they can't find a woman who pushed a man to his death in a flippin' subway, then all the "terrorist" prevention moolah, cracking down on freedoms and loss of privacy was all for nothing and useless. Her face and ID should be plastered all over NYC and Nor Am by now if it wasn't just a waste of money, effort, ego and heap o' balognie.
One of the people interviewed made a good point. Why don't they have barriers installed between the platforms and the tracks? They wouldn't allow access until the train is already stopped and ready for passengers/departures.

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