Alberta anti-bullying bill bullies non-bullies

Bully for them.

It’s being called the toughest anti-bullying legislation in the country, but Alberta’s new Education Act – which many predict will set the tone for the rest of Canada – is being blasted by a family research group.

In a report that was to be released Monday, the Institute of Marriage and Family Canada (external - login to view) pans the very thing many observers have praised: giving schools the authority to suspend complacent bystanders to bullying. A senior researcher calls the approach “wrongheaded,” arguing that it paints a picture of absentee parents who have no part or power in the solution.

“It’s essentially saying that as adults, we’ve left the playground, and that it’s up to kids to police bullies on behalf of the school and parents,” says Peter Jon Mitchell, the report’s author. “Certainly there might be room for bystanders’ (involvement), but I hope we’re not passing the buck to kids and saying, ‘Solve your own problems.’ ”

Alberta’s newly adopted legislation, which some say could set the standard for other provinces, requires that students “refrain from, report and not tolerate bullying or bullying behaviour directed toward others in the school, whether or not it occurs within the school building, during the school day or by electronic means.”


I was 190lb and 6' when I hit 14. Bullying the kids was boring so I went after the teachers.
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The whole bully witch hunt is a sickening precedent to me. almost any conflict or social problem gets kids labeled bullies, and kids are taught that they don't have to put up with bullies. it makes any kids with any issue a great target for that pent up need for social jockeying that all kids have in some degree or another. and now you can add even more people to the list of those who are 'bad'....perfect. If we keep it up at this rate, we can make all the kids think they no good criminals within ten years.
How the hell can human nature be made illegal? We are animals just like any other beast on this planet.
I was a big kid as well and at our school there was only one attempt to bully me. I was in grade
one the kid who attacked me was in grad five. I won that was the end of the bully thing when it
came to me. I did stand up for others though and I must admit I liked pounding the hell out of a
bully. People came to watch, the bully thought he would be fighting the little skinny kid and all of
a sudden, it was me they were dealing with.
Later it came in real handy when I took over managing night clubs a couple of decades back.
You can't stop bullying but people should be allowed to deal with it but even up the odds. The
wife beater and the bully needs a hell of a pounding that really does some serious damage before
they learn you can use councillor all day. A fist full of knuckles applied is cheaper and more
effective The only time I agree is where a kid commits suicide over it then the law should apply
adult court minimum ten years without parole or if it was like Rena Virk first degree murder 25
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The wife beater and the bully needs a hell of a pounding that really does some serious damage .

I beat up a couple wife beaters. Both times the wife started hitting me for beating up him so after that I'd just watch the show.

I don't get it.

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