"...It was the most beautiful thing to happen in history"

Quebec radio host encourages caller who declared Holocaust ‘the most beautiful thing to happen in history’

MONTREAL – A veteran Quebec radio host nicknamed “the king of the night” is facing disciplinary action after he encouraged an anti-Semitic caller who declared the Holocaust to be “the most beautiful thing to happen in history.”

During his midnight to 5:30 a.m. broadcast on Cogeco’s 98.5 FM Thursday, Jacques Fabi, took a call from a woman identifying herself as Maria. She said she was of Arab origin and was distraught that her “brothers and sisters” were dying in Gaza.

She then invited Mr. Fabi to participate in a quiz, trying to guess what animal she was thinking of. When he guessed dog, she replied, “Exactly, it’s an Israeli” and laughed.

She then asked him whether he knew about Hitler and the Holocaust. “For me, it was the most beautiful thing to happen in history,” she said.

Instead of cutting the line or confronting her, Mr. Fabi affirmed that she had the right to say what she had said but she should be careful.

“You know that here, in this democratic country, one can never say anything offensive against the Israelis, because it can be costly, you know,” he said. She said she did not care, and he said he finds it “annoying” that some topics are off limits. “You know, Madame, in this beautiful country we have freedom of expression, but one can never make negative comments, whatever their nature, against the Jewish people,” he said. “Otherwise there will be consequences.”
Freedom of speech is a wonderful thing, but her comments were totally uncalled for.

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