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  • Co-pilot struck down with migraine on flight from Newark to Frankfurt
  • Passenger reveals he is fully qualified to help captain land Lufthansa jet
  • Captain traveling on the plane 'works for North American Airlines'
  • Plane diverts to Dublin Airport, where accident investigation is under way

When someone falls ill in a public place, the wishful cry of help would traditionally be 'Is there a doctor in the house?!'

But when the co-pilot of a Boeing 747 was struck down with a severe migraine mid-air on Monday, the crew held out no hope there might be a 'pilot on the plane'.

Fortunately, their prayers were answered as one of the passengers, who works for North American Airlines, got up to reveal he was fully qualified to fly a jumbo jet.


Passenger steps in to land 747 after pilot falls ill... as he happens to be off-duty pilot | Mail Online