Third man arrested in chained teen case

Third man arrested in chained teen case

By QMI Agency

A third suspect has been arrested and charged in the alleged confinement and sex assault of a teen in Nova Scotia.
John Leonard MacKean, 63, of Lower Sackville, N.S., appeared in court Tuesday afternoon, charged with sexual assault and communicating with the purpose of obtaining sexual services from a person under 18.
Officers arrested MacKean in Fredericton on Monday afternoon, police said Tuesday.
The boy's mother appeared outside the courtroom as MacKean was led through the front doors with no handcuffs. She told reporters she was taken aback by the sudden arrest and had to rush to the courthouse to see the suspect.
MacKean will remain in custody until his bail hearing Thursday.

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How the heck do these freaks always find each other? Craigslist?

Creepy! I hope they have a miserable but very long life in prison.
How come he hasn't been locked up long before now. At 63 it is unlikely this is his first ofense.
Throughout all of this, all I can think is "How does the mother carry on?" Honestly guys, I don't think I'd function after something like this happened to one of my kids. I'd lock us in the basement and never come out again.

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