Karzai orders Afghan forces to capture US detention facility

Afghan President Hamid Karzai has criticized the U.S. military for violating an agreement and illegally continuing to hold Afghans as prisoners against the orders of the Afghan government and courts.

The deal, signed in March, gave the US six months to transfer the captured Afghans an agreement the US has not upheld. Karzai released a statement Monday calling the failure to hand over detainees a serious breach of the Memorandum of Understanding. The Afghan president also ordered his forces to seize control of the Parwan detention facility, where US forces continue to hold prisoners in a closed-off section, many of which were recently captured.

Karzai spokesman Aimal Faizi told reporters that US troops are illegally holding more than 70 detainees whose release has been ordered by Afghan courts. Afghan courts have acquitted 57 of these prisoners, but the US has still refused to let them go, citing them as a danger to US national security.

The two countries had signed a detainee transfer pact in March, giving the US six months to hand over control of detention facilities and detainees to the Afghans in preparation of the 2014 US withdrawal. Although the official handover occurred in September, the US refused to turn over several hundred prisoners that they felt were too dangerous or that they captured after the deal was signed.


Fighting the ally? Karzai orders Afghan forces to capture US detention facility — RT (external - login to view)
Well this is going to go down well... when are Canadian and other Allied Nations hauling azz out of there again?

Better do it soon..... I don't think foreigners are welcome anymore.

^ This means you guys too.
I heard he wants to list in with a Realty office owned by his wife. He is hoping some very monied Asian investors will make offers on it to use as an off shore prison like our own CIA has on islands in the Pacific Ocean. The facilty they had a couple of blocks away from our Consulate buned for some reason and they too are looking for another secret holding site.
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