Cops Taser stag do pals over 6ft ***** gag

This is hilarious. A group of pals in Dorset had a PROPER stag night.

Schlong arm of the law

Cops Taser stag do pals over 6ft willy gag

Willy get a cab looking like that? ... groom Stewart Roberts during his stag do


4th May 2012
The Sun

GROOM Stewart Roberts looks a right plonker on his stag night — in an outfit that led to two chums being TASERED by cops.

The window fitter, 36, was stripped and made to don the rude 6ft costume by pals who tarred and feathered him with treacle.

But it was two of his fellow revellers who ended up getting the willies after they asked a cop to help him get home — and the spooked officer radioed for back-up.

In an ensuing fracas John Naylor, 49, and Darren Corbridge, 37, were SPRAYED with CS gas, both ZAPPED with 50,000 volts then HANDCUFFED.

Scuffle: Stewart Roberts can be seen walking away as the incident flares in the background

Fracas: Police ended up using their Tazer stun guns and CS gas on brother-in-laws Darren Corbridge, 37, and John Naylor, 49

The pair have now won an appeal against their convictions for assaulting a police officer. And yesterday Stewart told how he was too sozzled to notice as they were arrested. He confessed: "I had no idea what happened until I was shown CCTV footage later. You can just see me wandering around like a lemon.

"We tried to get a cab but the drivers wouldn't let me in because I still had treacle on me. My friends asked the police if they could help.
"That's when it went wrong and the misunderstanding happened."

Hen night bride Ellie, 31, had met up with the stag crowd when police swooped at 2am in Weymouth, Dorset, where the couple live.

Bournemouth magistrates sentenced company director Darren to wear a tag for three months — and mechanic John to sport one for a month.

Oblivious: Stewart Roberts, dressed in the six foot costume, was unaware of the escalating situation as he made his way home

Turn for the worse: The stag do had started with groom Stewart getting a laugh, but ended up with bride-to-be Ellie Corbridge in tears

Their convictions were overturned after a judge at Bournemouth Crown Court saw CCTV of what happened.

Darren said: "I felt disgusted at how we were treated. It was the most frightening experience in my life."

John raged: "The Tasering was excruciating." Stewart did manage to get home — after offering a cabbie a massive tip.

Happy couple: Stewart Roberts, 36, and fiancee Ellie Corbridge, 31, were enjoying their last hours before their wedding until events spiralled out of order

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Lets hope it was two guys who convinced this poor schmuck to wear that costume all night.
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I don't know, the guy looks like a big dick to me. Probably had it coming.

(Someone had to say it.)
L Gilbert
Sounds like a joke that backfired. lol
When will police be held responsible for issuing meritless tickets? Such thuggery should carry consequence.

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