ESPN just can't buy a win

First it was chink and now it's gook. Heaven help them.

A Week After ‘Chink In The Armor’ Headline, ESPN Posts ‘Gook Double Earns Victory’ | Mediaite (external - login to view)
I like the suggestion that it was racist. I doubt that, I think it was more the result of stupidity. We're talking sports journalism, remember. Brain cells are not necessary - fawing support of the organized leagues and players is.
Sports writers and news casters are the most arrogant of all. I love sports but hate reading the sports editorials and listening to sports radio. They have the belief that because they have a degree in journalism and cover sports they are somehow more knowledgeable than everyone else.

Even the sports casters on TV are insufferable.

"Yeah... when I played we used to do it another way."


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