Firefighters hosing down Police officers

Striking Belgian firefighters hose down the cops | The Raw Story (external - login to view)

When Belgium’s firefighters were threatened with a government attempt to raise their retirement age, they fought back using the tools of their trade.
According (external - login to view) to Russia Today, “Several hundred firemen broke through police cordons and hosed down the prime minister’s office. The men, dressed in full gear, were smiling as they directed the water at the building…and the small bunch of police officers huddled in front of it.”
As the police futilely attempted to huddle behind their Plexiglas shields, the firefighters turned from hoses to fire extinguishers and blanketed the officers with a cloud of white foam.

This video was uploaded to YouTube by An0nYm0u5r3v0lut10n on February 10, 2012,

Brussels firemen soak cops PWNED! - YouTube (external - login to view)

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Ron in Regina
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Officier "Bubbles" needs to transfer to Belgium. He'd straighten
things out there but quick!!!
In Brussel.......?

When I first read the Header....I thought.....We'll see Cannuck in real action..finally...
Let me guess. What are union workers that are entitled to their entitlements?
L Gilbert
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Striking Belgian firefighters hose down the cops | The Raw Story (external - login to view)

lol There's nothing like being wet in temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees F.
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lol There's nothing like being wet in temperatures between 30 and 40 degrees F.

Does kind of put a damper on your day.
Cops should learn not to mess with firefighters

COPS VS FIREMAN 1-7 - YouTube (external - login to view)
L Gilbert
Yup. I can imagine there were a few shivering cops for a while. lol

The fighters could have been really nasty and went to jet instead of spray or fog. That's be enough to scrape the paint off walls, break windows, and press cops against the walls with anywhere between 400 and 800 PSI.
We used to use the jets when we had roof fires and that sort of thing because it'd tear roofs apart so we could spray the fire. Fog adjustments are wonderful for enclosed spaces because the water particles displace air as well as cool things down in a hurry.

lol Cool vid, Cannuck.
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Firefighter vs Police Officer vs Structure Fire - YouTube (external - login to view)
I thought you already had your own Bulshyte thread...... (external - login to view)
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Firefighter eHarmony Profile - YouTube (external - login to view)

Fire Fighter vs Cop - psych eval - YouTube (external - login to view)

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I thought you already had a Bulshyte thread...... (external - login to view)

No, that thread is about cops. This thread is about cops vs firefighters. I know it's difficult for you to keep up sometimes. I chalk it up to your advanced age.

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