2 RCMP Officers shot

2 RCMP Officers shot. Hope and pray all goes well. These are the people who put their lives on the line for you.

Manhunt under way after two Mounties shot and wounded southeast of Edmonton - The Globe and Mail

Two Mounties have been shot and wounded southeast of Edmonton and a manhunt is under way for the gunman, according to the RCMP.

“A search is under way to locate an armed suspect,” RCMP Sergeant Patrick Webb said in a statement released this afternoon.

Two air ambulances were dispatched today to a rural residence near Killam, Alta., an agricultural and oil and gas community of about 1,000 located 160 kilometres southeast of the provincial capital.

At 3:02 pm, an air ambulance helicopter was dispatched from Edmonton and four minutes later, a second helicopter was sent from Calgary, according to STARS spokesman Cameron Heke.

“We are still in the early phases of our response,” said Mr. Heke, who could not provide an update about the number of patients.

The RCMP said the two injured officers from Killam have been taken to hospital for treatment.

Residents in Killam said police vehicles and ambulances have been heading east on Highway 13 this afternoon. An officer at the Killam RCMP detachment refused to provide an update.

Premier Alison Redford said she has “very limited” information, but added:

“I'm glad there's no loss of life, but sometimes these shootings can lead to pretty serious injuries, so my hopes and prayers are with their families.”

“At this point, all I’d like to say is the RCMP officers in Killam are a big part of our community, and they’re friends and neighbours,” said Killam Mayor Bud James, who was in Edmonton to attend the throne speech at the legislature when he heard. “Our hearts and prayers go out to them and their families at this time. If we know more, we’ll certainly be able to let you know.”

“It’s not just going to impact Killam. It’s going to impact all Albertans,” said Doug Griffiths, the MLA for the region who is also the Minister of Municipal Affairs. “It’s a reminder of what happened at Mayerthorpe, and it’s a reminder of just what our RCMP officers are willing to give. They are integral parts of our community. We see them every day. It’s going to affect all Albertans, and our prayers are with them.”
Hope they'll be okay. Everyone knows that they put their lives on the line but when they are injured, or heaven forbid, killed in the line of duty, the reality of it all just comes screaming up into your face.
My fingers are crossed that these two officers will make a complete recovery.
I do not wish anyone ill, but the fact is the leadership of the RCMP does not provide the
level of training these folks once had and it does reflect in the incidence of injury or worse.
Remember Mayerthorpe? In that case they found scapegoats to pay the price for the mess
the police themselves made there.
In that case they were dealing with a nut case that they did not take seriously enough and
left themselves exposed for retaliation.
In this case we don't know, but you know the saying, No good deed goes unpunished.
This case suggests domestic dispute, and that is the most dreaded call for police. I know a
few and they will tell you the most unstable and unknown reaction comes in a domestic
incident. I wouldn't want to be a cop these days for all the tea in china.
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My fingers are crossed that these two officers will make a complete recovery.

Sounds like they are doing well.

The suspect was arrested yesterday.
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Sounds like they are doing well.

The suspect was arrested yesterday.

I had heard about that. Thankfully, some good news for once.

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