Nathan Cullen's campaign for the NDP leadership charts a less partisan path

NDP leadership bid shows Cullen not afraid to take risks - Politics - CBC News

Toning down on the partisanship would be a good thing, though I would say he's not so non-partisan as much as he is anti-partisan specifically against Harper. Instead of showcasing what (or whom) is is against, how about focussing on what he is for.

But otherwise, I like what he says about toning down the partisanship in Parliament.
Nice guys finish last-unfortunately.
He's wrong about this being a failing of the party system.

It's a failing of the people in the parties themselves. There is nothing stopping a party from collaborating with another party and giving Canadians a better result out of politics, but when those who have a majority are taking a unilateral approach, everyone loses.

They don't have to.

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