Yet Another Innocent Canadian in a Mexican Prison!

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Well I'll be Danged if Canucks ain't the most hard done by folk always being tossed into rathole prisons just because we're so nice!Is there no justice in this world?At least she'll be locked up with thousands of other innocents not murderers/rapists/drug traffickers and worse-prisons are full of innocent people as we all know.

Canadian held in Mexico officially charged in Gadhafi plot

A Canadian woman held in Mexico over an alleged plot involving Moammar Gadhafi's son has been formally charged.

Mexican officials confirm that charges have now been laid against Cynthia Vanier, who had been held since November while authorities investigated.

The state attorney's office in Mexico City says Ms. Vanier and three others have been charged, while an arrest warrant is out for a fifth suspect.

Assistant Attorney General Jose Cuitlahuac Salinas said the group hired pilots to fly from Mexico to Kosovo, from there to the Tunisian capital of Tunis and on to Libya in July, but that attempt failed to extract the dictator's son.

“They weren't able to do it out because the pilots refused to carry out a secret landing,” Mr. Salinas said.

The ring, purportedly led by Ms. Vanier, then allegedly made arrangements for a second attempt, hiring pilots and a plane. But Mexican authorities were tipped off to the scheme by a series of anonymous emails and arrested the four suspects in November, before the second flight could take off.

Ms. Vanier has been moved to a prison in Chetumal, along with a female co-accused.

Ms. Vanier's parents said earlier that their daughter was terrified after being moved to a different prison.

In December, a lawyer for al-Saadi Gadhafi vigorously denied that his client plotted to sneak illegally into Mexico.

A Twitter account linked to the Anonymous IberoAmerica website, which has carried comments from the movement in Mexico in the past, did not immediately respond to queries about whether the Anonymous movement was responsible for blowing the whistle on the plot.
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Poor sweet innocent girl, I heard they yelled at her in jail.
bill barilko
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Poor sweet innocent girl, I heard they yelled at her in jail.

This just in-they're making her drink the water!

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