Another recue for Obama!

- The same U.S. Navy SEAL unit that killed Osama bin Laden parachuted into Somalia under cover of darkness early Wednesday and crept up to an outdoor camp where an American woman and Danish man were being held hostage. Soon, nine kidnappers were dead and both hostages were freed.

President Barack Obama authorized the mission by SEAL Team 6 two days earlier, and minutes after he gave his State of the Union address to Congress he was on the phone with the American's father to tell him his daughter was safe.

More.....Secret hostage rescue played out as Obama spoke (external - login to view)
lone wolf
No doubt sympathies will be expressed for the poor deceased. Mine won't be among them....

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Yeah sure it's just cross border preemptive murder, nothing to worry about, it's uncle sam, he's simply ****ing wonderful. And never tells lies and never breaks the law and hasn't done nothing but jolly good ever. Isn't it amazing how the Osama B Laden series of comic books still are very popular. I wonder if they pitched all the evidence in the drink this time as well?

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