Canadians back ban on junk food ads targeting kids

L Gilbert
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Another fact is that kids today are inundated with imagery and sales pitches everywhere. It has become unrealistic for parents to try and parent their kids the way past generations have. When I was a kid, mom didn't work outside the home, there were three channels on the TV, one or two radio stations and no internet or social media. It's a different world today and I get a kick out of the old farts that think that because they were able to raise their kids in a particular fashion 30 years ago, everybody should be able to do it today.

I agree that it's unrealistic to expect parents to raise kids like now is like decades ago. But they should at least make a decent effort at raising their kids to adopt healthy habits. It's just a lot harder to do now than it was decades ago.
Marketing strategies are extremely insidious at getting people, especially impressionable kids, to buy stuff. But it isn't impossible to THINK about them and pick apart their ads. IE, one of our bugs is the comment in ads that says, "buy our product and save". Well, DUH. How can you save by buying? Getting people to see that more and bigger aren't really better helps quite a bit.
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I'm curious how you think parents should/would combat the plethora of 'consumption equals happiness' messages that our children are inundated with. Just.... as a parent I haven't quite yet figured out what specifically 'my job' is supposed to be to battle that mentality.

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i agree. my kids have probably the best rounded diets of any kids I know. We kept junkfood out of the house except for company occasions. No juice, no cookies. McD's perhaps once or twice a year on road trips.

It's not a magic bullet. My kids still struggle. I still struggle.
Thus my inquiry to those who think they know 'the' way to avoid the problem... lol.

Thank you for answering your own question...

Notwirhstanding the denigration of "old farts" by some other poster in this forum, every chance he gets....
L Gilbert
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Notwirhstanding the denigration of "old farts" by some other poster in this forum, every chance he gets....

Who's that? I'll spike his Pablum with my Benefiber or Metamucil or something.
I'm fine with the idea. It isnt "nanny state" per-se if most people seem to want it.
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No juice, no cookies.

No juice?
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No juice?

No juice.... water, milk, and whole fruits/vegetables. Why juice when the whole fruit gives you the benefit of fibre?
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Banning ads is kinda like inhibiting freedom of speech, isn't it?

They banned cigarette adds aimed at kids. What's the difference? If it was up to me junk food itself would be banned. Except doughnuts.
Another point about parental responsibility. Let's look at a pedophile for a moment. While parents are busy juggling all kinds of responsibilities, the pedophile is focused on one objective only. So while the parent still has a responsibility, he has to let his guard down only once for the pedophile to strike. The same applies to professional marketers. They have but one focussed objective and responsibility. parents need to let their guard down only once for the ads to hit the kid.

Honestly, though, I would be opposed to taxing meals per se and would focus on taxing the ingredients instead. obviously two pizzas are not equal if their ingredients are different.

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