Canadian self-defense

I was talking to an American cousin the other day, and she asked me why the US shouldn't just step forward into Canada and take over.

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Figure out why Canada demanded military choice from England after they saw the north win in the civil war of the US.

I know a way to save money of prisoner incarceration, and Lucifer hates it. He wants to make me into one of his scum-suck puppets.
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Did your American cousin understand anything you were saying?
Stop pretending you're stupid. You have no idea how big the fight is, and if I was you as a Canadian I would hold tight and feel blessed.
How big is the fight? Give it to me kilometres if you can.
Eat **** *******. If you were to go to Hell would you rather it be a moment of pain, or something going on forever?
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Did your American cousin understand anything you were saying?

Somebody must understand it. Maybe they can translate.

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