05% law may be unconstitutional

Good article Colpy, Thanks
An interesting article, thanks for sharing Colpy.
Sort of goes along with my theory that too many safety rules make a job site less safe.
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Several months ago I went out for a few drinks with friends. Because I was eating at the bar and only had a couple drinks, I sincerely felt that I was capable of driving; however, I was pulled over and arrested for blowing over .08. I didnít feel that it was fair, so I hired a lawyer to fight the charges on my behalf. My lawyer, Joel Chevefils, was so professional and was able to fight the charges placed against me.

If you have found yourself in the same situation, I strongly urge you to check Joel out. His website is http://criminaldefenceonline.com/ (external - login to view). His number is 403-830-1980 and his email is jac@criminaldefenceonline.com (external - login to view). The impaired driving laws in Alberta are getting tougher and tougher; it really does pay off to have Joel Chevrefils on your side.

Fair? If you were over .08, then it was fair.

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