Man Shot in Butt by Dog - Really

ASSOCIATED PRESS — A bird hunter was shot in the buttocks after his dog stepped on a shotgun laid across the bow of a boat.

Sheriff's Deputy Kevin Potter says the 46-year-old Utah man was duck hunting with a friend when he climbed out of the boat to move decoys.

Potter says the man left his 12-gauge shotgun in the boat and the dog stepped on it, causing it to fire. It wasn't clear whether the safety on the gun was on at the time.

Potter says the man was hit from about 10 feet (three meters) away with 27 pellets of birdshot. He says the man wasn't seriously injured, in part because he was wearing waders. The man was treated at a nearby hospital.

Utah Hunter Shot By Dog
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Atta boy?
I could understand if it were a deer that shot him.

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