Teacher Caught on Tape Bullying Student. Is a Camera a Kid's Only Advocate?

VIDEO: Teacher Unloads on Special Needs Student | NBC Philadelphia (external - login to view)

Nobody believed Julio Artuz, a 15 year old New Jersey special education student, when he complained of being bullied by his teacher. So he caught the whole thing on tape. In footage captured in secret on his cellphone, Artuz is subjected to curses and berating from a man who's supposed to be a mentor.

Artuz's teacher says: "I will kick your [expletive] from here to kingdom come until I'm 80 years old."

"Don't threaten me," responds Artuz.

"What are you going to do? You gonna get a chopper and chop me?" asks his teacher as the rest of the class sits rubbernecking the heated argument.

What Jules did do was show his taped account to his parents and a local advocate of bullied students. After an NBC news affiliate in Philadelphia got hold of the footage (you can watch it here), the school immediately took action, placing the teacher on paid administrative leave pending an investigation.

"The actions depicted on the video do not reflect the mission or culture of our school," said Gloucester Counter Special Services Superintendent Michael Dicken in a statement. "Our school district takes all bullying, harassment, and intimidation allegations seriously...we do not tolerate it."

While schools may not tolerate that kind of abuse of power, it takes a lot to make it stop. In a separate incident earlier this week, an Ohio special needs student came forward with an account of long-term bullying from her two teachers. She actually had to attend school wired with a recording device to capture proof of her teachers calling her "dumb", "lazy" and overweight. Another shocking incident this month involved a high school basketball coach who was captured on cell phone video making deeply offensive, racist remarks about students while in school.

"Statistically about 1 to 2 percent of teachers are actually involved in bullying students," says Dr. Joel Haber, a clinical psychologist who runs the anti-bullying website RespectU. "There needs to be a clear policy in schools not just for students bullying other students but for teachers as well. Teachers are humans too and this kind of thing does happen, so it needs to be managed early."

While more schools have introduced anti-bullying codes of conduct for students, teachers aren't always considered a threat.

It's a murky issue for many school administrators. Where's the bullying line when you're managing an unruly classroom? "Its blurry sure but you know when someone wants to make a kid feel bad, or when they're abusing their power as an authority figure," says Dr. Haber. "That's not the way a role model should be managing a student. "
Today the pictures are the proof and authorities seem to be deaf until they know
that you have proof. Its the same for bus drivers and police, even in the medical
profession. We have developed a culture of protection, stalling and secrecy,
the question is why? We need to defend our institutions because in general they
are coming up short, and we know they are coming up short.
We cannot support something that is mediocre at best. Not all of the institutions
are to blame themselves. They have been hen pecked by the political correct
people, and they can't hire the best people because of quotas. The first thing we
have to do, is restore confidence to the institutions that are supposed to be looking
after our interests. This teacher should be Fired.
Video evidence should always be admissible in a court or administrative proceeding. This especially so when people are harassed by police. Any law which voids that are unconstitutional.
Here's another one.

Father Crying After He Listens To A Teacher Disrespecting His Special Needs Daughter - YouTube

It won't be long before there are video cameras in every class room to protect both teacher and student.
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It won't be long before there are video cameras in every class room to protect both teacher and student.

If thats what it takes. We're filmed in most public areas already anyway.

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