Man facing 105 years in prison for shooting at would-be thief

David Sturdivant has lost his liberty, a kidney, his home, his business and all his belongings.

He has nothing left other than the $21 a friend put on his account at the Fulton County Jail, where he has been since April 8.

The 64-year-old Marine Purple Heart recipient could have left jail two weeks ago, but he refused to plead guilty to a misdemeanor, a deal that included 12 months probation with credit for the seven months served. The deal would have let Sturdivant keep his guns – four rifles and a pistol -- as well as his military disability benefits, according to the prosecutor.

Fulton County Judge Kelly Lee told Sturdivant it was a good offer because he was looking at as much as 105 years in prison if a jury convicted him of all six felony charges he faces.

“He was under the mistaken belief it would be OK to shoot at an intruder,” senior assistant district attorney Jason Park said in court. Sturdivant is charged with shooting at a man in his yard -- not in his house -- that he thought was there to steal from him.

Yet as far as Sturdivant is concerned, he did nothing wrong.


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Should have took the deal-but it is nice that some people do actually stand for their principles regardless of the risks.
I would have taken the deal. Of course, what does he have left for him outside anyhow now that the looters(scum in their own right) have taken everything away. I wonder if the police are worried that he will sue them(since the article said that the incident is being investigated), hence the really plum deal he was offered?

I imagine that he may end up suing if he is found not guilty. If he's found guilty, money will be the least of his concerns.
Bloody shame.

My guess is the guy was firing a warning shot, not intended to hit. That is just a guess, as I know no more than what is in the article.

From the article, I take it the thief was not hit. A Marine, a combat veteran, at very close range, firing at a man size target???

Take it from Uncle Bob, ladies and gents....NEVER fire warning shots.
The judge is just yanking his chain.
1 0 5 is a long long time.

Hey, he coulda got life.

Only got 105.

Hope his family is famous for longevity.

Take the deal.


Shot at someone "on his property"........................whom "he thought"............

sorry............not even in texas..............hopefully not anyplace.

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