Video: Canadian sports anchor wins $2.5 million lottery on live TV - Y! Sports Blogs - Yahoo! Sports (external - login to view)

Vancouver sportscaster Barry Deley was shopping for groceries when he got a call from his Global News co-worker Squire Barnes, who was live on television anchoring coverage of the grand prize drawing in the BC Children's Hospital Dream Lottery. The winning ticket had just been selected from amongst 288,000 entries and, lo and behold, it bore the name "Barry Deley."

Watch as Barnes and co-anchor Sophie Lui realize that their co-worker was the winner of the drawing, call him on live television and then try to act like they're not a little jealous that the guy delivering daily reports on the Canucks just won his choice of a $2.5 million country estate or $2 million in cash.
In Between Man
I saw this on the news when it happened! Too funny.

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