Michael Dunahee

There has been a new website launched regarding Michael Dunahee:

The Canadian Centre for Child Protection says says the new website, www.michaeldunahee.ca (external - login to view) contains new photos and video of Michael, and a link to submit tips.
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It sure would be nice to get this one finally solved. Hopefully whoever took him did so because they had parent envy and he's living somewhere not knowing his true identity. Thanks to DNA, one day we might know.
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You know, even if someone killed him, if they could send proof of that in someway,and this story could come to an end. They may never catch the responsible party but at least his family could move on. No one ever gives up hope until there is a positive answer to that horrible question. What I wish they would have provided on this site was an age progression so that if he sees this himself he can go for DNA testing. They need to show more pictures of things he may remember. I know he was young but all of us has some little memory tucked away from our childhood. Maybe just one picture of something that was in his home will jar his memory.
In Between Man
Over the last few years we've seen a few high profile cold cases like this get solved, so you never know. Let's hope.

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