Dr Oz crosses the line

Friggin' celeb/tv doctors, headshrinkers and do-gooders.

This idiot was given fair warning too.

Usually, Oz just dispenses pointless pap and feel-good noise, but now he’s antagonized the agriculture lobby. On a recent show, he claimed that apple juice was loaded with deadly arsenic (external - login to view) — a claim he supported by running quick&dirty chemical tests on fruit juices, getting crude estimates of total arsenic, and then going on the air to horrify parents with the thought that they were poisoning their children.
One problem: his tests weren’t measuring what he claimed. The FDA got word of the fear-mongering he was doing, and sent him a warning letter.

His show got this letter that clearly explains why his measurements were invalid a week before the show was aired, and Oz ignored it and went ahead and broadcast a misleading and hysterical piece. Some public schools are already yanking apple juice from their lunchrooms (external - login to view) on the basis of Oz’s lies.
Maybe somebody should explain to Oz that arsenic is entirely “natural”. Or maybe some orchard owners ought to get together for a big class-action suit.


Dr Oz crosses the line | Pharyngula (external - login to view)
Apple (and just about all fruit) juice is a concentrated source of sugar, which is not any more healthy for kids than soda pop. Water and real whole fruit is what parents should be feeding their kids.

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