CTV cancels ad campaign under Saudi pressure

OTTAWA - Efforts to silence an advertising campaign about Saudi Arabian oil before it re-airs in Canada have succeeded in keeping the ads off of CTV News Channel.QMI Agency has acquired an e-mail that indicates the broadcaster cancelled a booking for an Ethicaloil.org ad campaign that presents Saudi Arabian oil as an 'unethical' energy choice.
"Our position should be that we are in receipt of notice of a legal dispute with respect to this spot and that, accordingly, we will not broadcast the spot until the legal dispute is resolved," reads the e-mail quoting CTV's legal department.
The ads have raised the ire of the Saudi government because they equate buying Saudi oil with helping fund a kingdom that oppresses women while presenting Alberta's oilsands as a more humane alternative.
Sun News Network is still running the ads.
Saudi Arabia's government has hired a high-powered law firm to get the ads banned. Individual broadcasters have also received warnings not to run the ads.


Sun News : CTV cancels ad campaign under Saudi pressure (external - login to view)
Why should we care what the Saudi's think? Shouldn't we be using our own oil anyhow?

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