New evidence links Saudi Arabia to 9/11 hijackers


SARASOTA Weeks after terrorists brought down the World Trade Center, FBI agents swarmed into a Sarasota gated community to investigate the mysterious disappearance of a wealthy young Saudi couple who apparently had ties to some of the hijackers.
The couple and their two children abandoned their home abruptly, just a week or so before Sept. 11, leaving behind cars, furniture and food on countertops.
According to one published report, the FBI discovered phone calls between the house and at least two of the hijackers and several other terrorism suspects stretching back a year.
Yet until a Fort Lauderdale website reported the news this week, no mention of the couple has ever appeared publicly not in the Sept. 11 commission report, nor in FBI briefings to congressional investigators, former Florida Sen. Bob Graham said Friday.


New evidence links Saudi Arabia to 9/11 hijackers: Graham - St. Petersburg Times (external - login to view)
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OH REALLY, the saudis??????

No, really!!???? Who would have figured

Actually, the Mormans did it...
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Actually, the Mormans did it...

I said years ago that Donny had a shifty look about him. But did anyone believe me, noooooo!

New evidence as opposed to the old evidence that already points to Saudi involvment. I take it nobody read the article.

Now move along, there's nothing to see here.

There's some evidence that Atta was here in town several times, and that he flew to Toronto in June 2000, and was denied entry to the US at that point.
I'm gonna buy me some stocks in tinfoil again this year..

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