Former Leafs enforcer Wade Belak found dead in Toronto hotel

The hockey world was reeling Wednesday after popular former Maple Leaf enforcer Wade Belak was found dead in a Toronto hotel room.
His body was discovered at the tony 1 King West hotel and condo building. Police have not released the cause of his death.

Belak is the third NHL tough guy to die since May. Winnipeg forward Rick Rypien, who suffered from depression, was found dead earlier this month. In May, New York Rangers forward Derek Boogaard’s death was ruled an accidental overdose of an alcohol and oxycodone mixture.


Former Leafs enforcer Wade Belak found dead in Toronto hotel -
That is sad news indeed. It has been a bad year for NHL "tough guys". I didn't mind Wade Belak being on the Leafs, as he offered some protection for his teammates.

Rest in peace, Mr. Belak.
yes, this is very sad, and very surprising because for the past short while he has been preparing for
new and interesting things in his life.
Broadcasting debut, and also he would have been part of 'Blades on Ice', or whatever its called, and
he was staying in toronto because of this new direction since he retired from hockey at the end of
last season.

I don't know what caused him to take his own life, BUT I am hearing some media broadcasters lumping all
three players together, and then stating that the NHL needs to address this problem.

It is known that Ripien's depression was hereditary, as his grandmother also suffered same condition.
My conclusion in his case, is that it wouldn't have mattered what field of work he had chosen, he still
would have suffered from depression.

Boogard took an 'accidental' overdose of a prescribed medication, according to reports.

No conclusion as to belak's cause of death, but apparantly he took his own life, not sure if it was
intentional or not.

I think in respect for each person, we should address their problems as separate issues, and not just
3 tough guys who played hockey who have all died this year, puts it all in a much different light, at
least for me it does.

They all had private lives which we know nothing about, and in belak's case, a wife and children.

rest in peace.

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