Steve Jobs resigns

SAN FRANCISCO Silicon Valley legend Steve Jobs Wednesday resigned as chief executive of Apple Inc in a stunning move at the technology giant he co-founded in a garage.

The 55-year-old Apple co-founder and pancreatic cancer survivor has been on medical leave for an undisclosed condition since Jan. 17.
Apple said Steve Jobs has been elected chairman and Tim Cook has been elected CEO.

Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO -
Cancer. It just kills.
Wow, he must be pretty sick.
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Wow, he must be pretty sick.

Well, I guess it could be like Jack.
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Well, I guess it could be like Jack.

That would be my guess.

Although all cancers are nasty, pancreatic cancer is particularly nasty.
bill barilko
A sick man-soon to be a sick old man-or not.
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I think that he is probably not going to be long for this world. I hope I am wrong, and that he recovers, but he looked pretty gaunt a while back.

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