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Bride paralyzed by friend to marry one year after injury

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First posted: Wednesday, July 20, 2011 10:31:16 EDT AM

Rachelle Friedman, who was paralyzed a year ago, will marry her boyfriend Chris Chapman on July 22. (rachellefriedman.com)

If everything had gone according to plan, she would have already celebrated her first wedding anniversary.
But instead, Rachelle Friedman, 25, is a quadriplegic who will finally be marrying her long-time boyfriend on Friday.
Friedman, who lives in North Carolina, made headlines last summer when a little horsing around at her bachelorette party had devastating consequences. Last May, a friend pushed her into a swimming pool. Friedman fell into the pool in a way that caused her to break her C6 vertebra.
The wedding, which had been scheduled for June 27, 2010, was called off.
Friedman and her boyfriend Chris Chapman have stayed together and still planned to marry, but complications of medical insurance have meant that the wedding had to be postponed, she says on her blog (external - login to view).
But now, the big day is just around the corner for the former dance and aerobics instructor.
"We are so very excited!" she wrote on her blog earlier this month. "I did the final fitting for the dress and it looks great! I'm just hoping I don't roll all over it."

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i don't know if i could have forgiven something like that.
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