Paranormal group seeks help confirming 'Bigfoot DNA'


Paranormal group seeks help confirming 'Bigfoot DNA' - CTV News


A California paranormal group claims to have DNA samples of Bigfoot -- concrete evidence of the legendary creature's existence -- but they want help authenticating them.

Members of the Sanger Paranormal Society will call upon the public to donate money and resources to their Bigfoot research effort at a Thursday afternoon news conference in Fresno, Calif.

The society's founder, Jeffrey Gonzalez, plans to present what he believes is an impression of the creature's face, pressed into two windows on the left-hand side of his pickup truck.

Each windowpane print depicts a seven-inch long pair of lips and a five-inch wide set of nostrils, Gonzalez told in a phone conversation from Fresno.

"We also found a 12-inch long footprint near the car," said Gonzalez, who added that he's preserved the samples in a climate-controlled room.

WOW!!! 12 Inches long!??

My Feet are the same size, holy crap, I didn't think they were considered to be THAT big!

Now if they said 12 inches wide, I'd be impressed.


The prints were discovered 5,500 feet above ground at California's High Sierra mountain range during a six-person Sasquatch hunting expedition, said Gonzalez.

"A forensic expert has swabbed the prints for DNA and taken photographs on scene," said Gonzalez. "Now all we need to do is eliminate the possibility of it being another animal."

Gonzalez said he hopes that an anthropologist or anyone with a database of animal DNA steps forward to help authenticate their samples.

"It's not a hoax, it's not a joke; we have a reputation to protect," said Gonzalez, who works as a technician for AT&T.

A "Reputation" to protect?

You're Big-Foot hunters ffs...... alien hunters have a better reputation then you guys.


Bigfoot enthusiasts became the brunt of many jokes in 2008 when two hikers in Georgia purported to have the creature's body in a freezer. Their hairy corpse turned out to be a rubber hoax.

For Martin Evison, the only place Bigfoot exists is in folklore.

The University of Toronto anthropology professor said he won't consider the possibility of Sasquatch's existence without seeing the creature himself.

"We have so much technology now, if this thing existed we would have found it already," Evison told

"I don't even bother thinking about Bigfoot. I have better things to do."

Exactly.... if it really existed, somebody, somewhere would have actually captured or killed one by now.

Here's what I don't get:

"Members of the Sanger Paranormal Society will call upon the public to donate money and resources to their Bigfoot research effort at a Thursday afternoon news conference in Fresno, Calif."

Why do they need donations of money at this stage? I doubt it costs hundreds of thousands of dollars to take whatever DNA they have to a regular testing clinic and determine if the DNA they have is human or a fruit bat.

Hey guess what?

I have the DNA of a Banshee that used my shower a couple of days ago when I was at work..... Give me a million dollars and I'll then run a few closed-door tests to see if it really was a Banshee.

Fk'n morons.
Hopefully they don't just compare against animals...finding DNA in soil isn't shocking at all.
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If they find DNA. It will be blurry and unreadable because Bigfoot IS blurry.
I'm betting they have some clown in genetics working with them who manufactured some unknown DNA source spliced between a water baffalo, a baboon and a panda so that it looks new and thus, must be a new species, therefore, is Bigfoot!

Then they'll get the popularity of Bigfoot up in the main stream again, get some dummies to donate a bunch of their money which they'll use for their fancy resort they call a research centre and blow it all on shrooms and hookers..... while the rest of us hold real jobs.

Maybe I should submit my resume.
shrooms and hookers.... sounds like the recipe for an early death from liver failure. Hep and toxins....mmmmmm.
At that point you'll see a yellow blurry Bigfoot.

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