Gaza Flotilla

Gaza Flotilla

Some Anti Israel types on this Forum have used the UNHRC as a reliable source - I wish to bring just 1 point to your attention. Just weeks before the People of Libya revolted the UNHCR was praising Quadafia. That in itself should bury any future reference to this assortment on murderers and perpetrators of Human Rights abuses as completely without and sense credibility.

Today’s letters: Gaza cruise advice | Full Comment | National Post

Below are some letters to the NP Editor. I agree with their viewpoint.

There is an old story about a scientist who taught a spider to walk on command. “Walk”, he said, and the spider complied. He then proceeded to remove one leg at a time, and at each interval commanded the spider to walk. After the last leg was removed, the spider could not walk at all when commanded to do so. The scientist concluded that if one removes all the spider’s legs, it becomes deaf.

Letter-writer Lyn Adamson is to be admired for her altruistic intentions but concluding that any difficulties the Palestinians may have is due to Israeli defensive policies is akin to declaring all immobile spiders deaf. Address the true source of their misery — 63 years of incompetent Arab leadership concerned more with the destruction of Israel than with the welfare of their people. Perhaps then we will all hear clearly.
Steven Scheffer, Burlington, Ont,

Bashar Assad is digging mass graves and filling them with fresh corpses, Muammar Gaddafi is reportedly handing out Viagra to his forces for the purposes of using rape as a military tactic; Yemen’s a mess; Pakistan’s falling apart; there’s fatal gay-bashing and gender apartheid in Saudi Arabia and Iran; and the much-vaunted “Arab Spring” is fast devolving in a long, cold Muslim Brotherhood winter.

And yet letter-writer Lyn Adamson thinks she can show her commitment to world “peace” and “human rights” is to board a boat in a flotilla full of Israel-loathers. For it is Israel, she believes, that is the world’s “human rights” violator non pareil.

One often hears about Arabs and other Muslims being victimized by “the soft bigotry of low expectations,” but Ms. Adamson and her ilk demonstrate something far more insidious since it pertains only to Israel: the hard bigotry of impossibly high expectations.
Mindy G. Alter, Toronto.

Before Lyn Adamson embarks on her Mediterranean cruise, she should fire up her Internet search engine and look up “Karine-A,” the “Victoria” and the “Francop” to educate herself on why Israel has a strong naval deterrent. The recently captured Victoria was carrying 2,500 mortar shells, 75,000 bullets and six C-704 anti-ship missiles. Ms. Adamson and her Women for Peace should question why Hamas needs all those weapons if real necessities are scarce on the ground in Gaza.

The real peace and human-rights activist in this “fauxtilla” lunacy is Cherna Rosenberg, a 68-year-old Canadian woman and former resident of Sderot, who suffered from the indiscriminate missile attacks from Hamas-controlled Gaza. Ms. Rosenberg has had enough with people like Lyn Adamson and filed suit in Ontario against the Canadian Boat to Gaza and its supporting entity, “Alternatives International.”

The flotilla activists are not interested in human rights or building a Palestinian state. They just want to assist in the destruction of the Jewish one, while mugging for the camera.
Michael Ross, Victoria.

94,500. That is the number of tons of humanitarian aid that Israel has delivered to Gaza in three months alone. But I’m sure the 40 lawn chairs that this flotilla is planning on delivering are really what are going to save the Palestinians.
Adir Dishy, Thornhill, Ont.

Cherna Rosenberg, 68, a citizen of Canada and Israel, filed her lawsuit June 2 in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Toronto against the Canadian Boat to Gaza and Alternatives International. The complaint charges the groups with raising funds for and providing material support to Hamas, which governs Gaza and was declared a terrorist group by Canada in 2002.
Under Canadian law, it is illegal to help or support "a designated terror group," said Rosenberg's lawyers, Neil Sher of New York and Ed Morgan of Toronto, in a statement.

Lawsuit seeks to block Canadian ship in Gaza flotilla | JTA - Jewish & Israel News (external - login to view)

I wish her every success.
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