Liberal security for Conservative donor information

How secure do you feel about making donations to public parties?

The answer may change after today.

Yesterday, hackers attacked the Conservative Party of Canada's webpage, announcing that Prime Minister Harper had been airlifted to a Toronto area hospital after choking on a hashbrown. Media outlets ran with the story, after all until now there had been no reason to disbelieve anything on a party website, aside from the partisan twisting of course, but that's another story.

Well today, the hackers responded to claims by the Conservative party that no personal information of donors had been compromised. Not so fast claimed the hackers. They tweeted a link to a webpage containing names and other information they had retrieved from the website. According to the CBC, an email they received from one of the hackers responsible claimed that the group was merely having fun, and trying to take those in power down a notch. Also, that they were sitting on considerably more information than they had leaked.

Hackers take another jab at Tories on heels of Harper choking hoax - The Globe and Mail

To me, this story is both disturbing, and ironic. It's disturbing that political parties are now targets of hackers, and that donations made to political parties can be targeted so easily by hackers. Though considering the problems of late, such as those Google has experienced as well as Sony's Playstation network, it's not surprising.

Will donations now be used to beef up security?

And it's ironic, because this Conservative government said that Statistics Canada could not be trusted with our personal information, among other claims about the long form census.
I am sure that as quickly as possible the Liberal and NDP are making sure their donor lists as also kept on the Internet. That way if their sites also get hacked it won't just be cartoons and notes about how much the other parties suck and humpday hotties.
Huh, I guess the same people that hacked Playstation are the same group that attacked the Conservative parties website, as well as PBS, Nintendo, and an FBI security contractor.

Must be at least some Canadians in that group, if not wholly.

And they already have their next target, apparently: (external - login to view)
Now this would be a far better use for the new jails than throwing in taxpayers that smoke a joint.
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