Savoy party drunk's amazing tumbles caught on CCTV

When this dinner-suited reveller got thrown of the Savoy Hotel in central London he didn't realise he's to become an internet star.

The drunk was ejected from an awards ceremony hosted by Stephen Fry. CCTV then caught him trying to walk down some steps behind the hotel but he ended up falling down the first steps and landing flat on his face on the middle section. Even more hilariously the drunken man, after regaining his feet on the middle section of the steps, then rolls head first over the hand-rail. He falls on his head then tumbles to the bottom of the stairs.

The man then gets up, dusts himself down, and then stumbles home.

Now that's got to hurt: Drunk goes tumbling head over heels down two flights of stairs... and still walks away

By Daily Mail Reporter
8th June 2011
Daily Mail

Most people like to let their hair down once in a while during a big night out on the town.

But this dinner-suited reveller took things to extremes when he rolled down two flights of stairs after being thrown out of an awards ceremony.

CCTV footage of his antics has now been posted online, showing the unfortunate middle-aged man's attempt to make his way home in all its glory.

Steady approach: It starts off well for dinner-suited man as he grabs the hand-rail, left, but he is soon in trouble, right, as he falls flat

Keep on rolling: The drinker tries to use his leg as leverage in his quest to stand up, left, before regaining some composure, right, half-way down the stairs

Starting behind the Savoy Hotel in central London where he had earlier been ejected from a theatre awards ceremony hosted by Stephen Fry, the man at first grips a hand-rail as he attempts the first few steps.

But his pace quickens and he falls on his face for the first - but not the last time.

Regaining his feet on the middle section of the steps, the middle-aged drinker is quickly in trouble again, rolling head-first over the hand rail.

Pole-axed: This time the man falls in style, falling over the central rail before landing on his head, right

Ouch: It's going to be a case of a very sore head in the morning for this chap as he lands flat, and right, he heads for home, his work on the stairs done

Worryingly, the man falls directly on his head before rolling to the bottom of the steps.

However, the ill-effects of concrete to the face appear only temporary as the mystery man dusts himself down, wipes blood from his head and weaves his way home.

Head over heels: Drunk goes tumbling down two flights of stairs after being thrown out of hotel awards ceremony | Mail Online
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It's nice to see Big Brother has a sense of humour and no problem releasing what should be something private. *******s.

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