A dog and his owner had to be rescued by the RAF after miraculously surviving a 200ft fall from a cliff.

The man, from Rochdale, Lancashire, was walking along the coast with his wife and his golden labrador Oscar at Cloughton, near Scarborough, North Yorkshire, on England's east coast, when Oscar wondered too close to the cliff edge.

He then fell over the edge and plummeted 200ft - the height of a ten storey building. The horrified man looked over the edge of the cliff to see if his dog was okay when he fell over the edge, too.

His wife then alerted emergency services and an RAF Sea King helicopter came to the rescued and plucked man and dog to safety.

Both suffered injuries but miraculously survived.

Dog and owner live in 200ft cliff plunge

Plunge ... where man and dog fell

18th May 2011
The Sun

A MAN survived plunging 200ft from a clifftop - when he peered over after his dog fell.

The 53-year-old holidaymaker had watched in horror as his golden labrador tumbled from the edge and hurtled towards the beach.

Safe ... labrador Oscar

But as he tried to find where his dog Oscar had gone, the unnamed man overbalanced in strong winds and fell too.

His shocked wife alerted emergency services at Cloughton, near Scarborough, North Yorks. An RAF rescue helicopter raced to the scene and airmen were stunned to find both the man and his dog alive.

Last night the injured man, from Rochdale, Lancs, was recovering in hospital with a broken thigh and a broken wrist.

The labrador suffered a broken leg. Inspector Bruce Prendergast, of North Yorks Police, said: "It is absolutely remarkable this man survived a 200ft fall with injuries that are not life-threatening."

Flight Sgt Rick Jones, who took part in the rescue, said: "The rotor blades were just 10ft from the cliff - but it is something we are trained for."

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Cliff horror ... rescuers lift man to safety

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