Your Favourite B-Sides

What are your personal favourite B-Sides? B-Sides are very underrated I find very often eclipsing the A-Side, but still not getting the same exposure.
Some of my favourites:
Kate Bush-Kite
The Beatles-Rain(Pretty much all of their B-Sides tbh)
The Clash-1977
The Clash-The Prisoner
Suede-The Living Dead(Pretty much all of their B-Sides tbh)
Bowie-Queen Bitch
The Who-A Legal Matter
Blur-La Comedie
Dead Kennedys-Police Truck
I've missed loads but nvm.
14 - Love (Alvin Lee) "a side 7&7 is"
lone wolf
Kinks - Mr. Churchill Says

YouTube - Spinning Vinyl Rush-Hemispheres Pt 1

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