V Festival Calgary

hey all,

anyone planning on heading to the V festival in Calgary towards the end of this month?

it runs 21-22nd and the line-up looks fairly cool. i like what i've heard of the fratellis and flaming lips are always amazing to see live

looking forward to it!
The North Country Fair is at the same time up in Drift Pile. I'm torn. IF, and note, that's a big IF, I were to get away that weekend, I'm thinking the NCF would probably be my destination.

Virgin Fest looks like a blast too though.
Had a look at the line up... looking good! where did you buy your tickets from? Do you know what the deal is bringing alcohol? festival boooze is always so expensive...
i got my tickets from my mom for my birthday,

but ive seen online that you can enter a competition where you write reviewers of bands playing at the festival, maybe you could try that?

im not sure on alcohol

what so all you have to do is write a review and they give you free festival pass? no way!?!

where did you read that? i'll write for sure hahaha

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